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Why wait to see a doctor, when there’s a doctor waiting to see you? The next time you or a loved one needs to consult with a doctor, have the doctor visit you at home at your convenience.

A doctor consultation is a meeting between a physician and a patient. Common goals include taking preventive measures to halt the development of various diseases particularly for patients who have risk factors, obtain a diagnosis for symptoms being experienced by the patient, or in the case of an annual checkup, to reassess the patient’s risk of various medical conditions.

Who We Are

Maitreya Bodhi Home Care and Service has been opened with the vision to provide the best Home Care Service and Clinic facilities to Elderly. After years of dreaming and playing with ideas, Dr Sampurna Man Tuladhar, took the initiative to convert a derelict garage with tin roof and mudbrick walls to a spacious and geriatric friendly clinic. The main idea behind Maitreya Bodhi Home Care and Clinic was to send elderly parents to the clinic to spend quality time while their family goes to work. This concept is extremely new for the Nepalese market. However, we are still encouraging elders to spend their time in the clinic as kids do at school and experience the environment.

We believe in preventive care service, thus, we have been conducting awareness and screening programs and along with this, we have been providing Nursing services at home, Physiotherapy at the clinic and at home, Doctor Consultations at the clinic and at home, Whole Body Checkup Packages, Blood Tests and rent medical equipment.

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